The Last Days Of Ukranazistan XXIV




Dedicated to all the victims of the blueyellow ragwagging nazi regime – both the civilians in Donetsk shelled by the Ukranazi war criminals and the normal Ukrainian soldiers sent to die so that the blood soaked mass murdering NATO puppet Elensky can keep stealing money.


  1. Another good one.
    Russia kept talking about the 14,000 ethnic Russians killed by the A3ob Battalion but never mentioned in the Western narrative (a narrative repeated by all the Western media). So now the Western media say that the Russians first invaded in 2014 and killed those 14,000 and are destroying the Donbas, when it’s the A3ob destroying every city and village to leave nothing behind. Not one word of truth in the Western establishment media anymore. There used to be some ‘First with the Facts’ newspapers, like the pre-2013 Guardian, but they all got transformed by government decree into machines that just parrot the official government line, which has no semblance to the truth.

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