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Hi, I'm Raghead E Villdoer, your honest, hardworking, murderous fiendly neighbourhood terrorist. I happen to be the protagonist of my newly-launched cartoon, named, eponymously, "Raghead". All comic strips appearing on this site are the copyright of my creator, Biswapriya Purkayastha, alias "Bill the Butcher". He however allows anyone to share and pass on my adventures on the net as long as credit is given and no changes of any nature are made to the strips. Thank you and happy terrorising.

Totally Not Terrorism



Dear Aryan patriots, how dare one whole middle aged brown Muslim invader assault four of you, who were only armed with assault rifles, shotguns, and explosives, and doing nothing more than merely shooting up a couple of mosques for fun?  This should make any Aryan superman’s blood boil. Boil, I say!


Also, with a special To Hell With You to western liberals who are shocked at this massacre, but didn’t utter a word when their messiah Barack Hussein Obama was bombing Muslim civilians every three minutes in seven countries for eight years.


You’re welcome.


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Sauce For The Gander


Explanation for this cartoon:

The latest Hasbaraganda tactic to try and deflect criticism of the endless crimes of the illegitimate zionazi pseudostate in Occupied Palestine is to claim that “Israel” is the “nation of the Jewish people” so any criticism is automatically “anti-semitism”.

Well, then, let’s just see where that logic takes us!