About Raghead the Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

Hi, I’m Raghead E Villdoer, your honest, hardworking, murderous fiendly neighbourhood terrorist. I happen to be the protagonist of this cartoon, named, eponymously, “Raghead”.

All comic strips appearing on this site are the copyright of my creator, Biswapriya Purkayastha, alias “Bill the Butcher“. He however allows anyone to share and pass on my adventures on the net as long as credit is given and no changes of any nature are made to the strips.

I also appear on my creator’s websites on Blogspot, but there I have to share space with other material. This is my place alone.

Thank you and happy terrorising.


  1. This is pretty clever stuff, there is no way to deny that. I personally hope everybody keeps bombing the shit out of the ragheads because of my personal blind hatred.. But that is more than likely my own inner raghead coming out.

    Keep up the good work. Your commentary is valuable. Most importantly, is pretty clear that you are making light-hearted jokes (lots of them true) and poking fun at the situation. That kind of sense of humor is rare.

  2. Thank you for putting these cartoons up! I’m old, sorta military. The cartoons make sense out of horrid news; I get 150 news items out of Ukraine every day; mostly awful. A simple cartoon is the good distillation of insane news. If you shoot a nazi who is trying to shoot a child, the event will echo & echo in your head. it doesn’t matter if the sky was blue & the grass was green, the shot will echo & echo…

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