The Last Days Of Ukranazistan XXXV




Oh, hey, look who’s back. Mouthpiece for all my anti-Putin cultist opinions character Kolya (call sign “Neptune”)!

Plus new character Zhenya (call sign “Bulldozer”). We’ll probably be going to see a lot of him as well.

By the way, I absolutely wasn’t going to pass up the chance to draw a PPSh 41. Obviously.

The Last Days Of Ukranazistan XXXIII




A couple of weeks back I wrote a post on my other blog called The SMO Is Done in which I said this:

“Russia has a choice. Fight a real war, or surrender on the least humiliating terms it can get.”

At that time I had no expectation that Putin would choose to fight a real war; and I still do not believe that, left to his own devices, he would want to fight one. However, the refernda being organised by the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics and the Kherson and Zaporozhye Oblasts on accession to Russia leave him no choice (and were precisely designed, I believe, to force his hand). That is why he has belatedly announced a partial mobilisation (of 300000 troops, to which you can add at least 60-70000 battle hardened and motivated LNR and DNR soldiers) and all indicators are that he will finally fight for real.

At least we can hope.

As for the Ukranazis, this is something else I said:

(Ukrainian commander) “Zaluzhny is throwing” (disposable) “conscripts and” (a liability) “Kraken Battalion Nazis (the Kharkov franchise of the infamous Azov Regiment) into attack as shock troops, and holding back his regular forces to exploit the breakthroughs.”

And, yes, the nazis are so overtly nazi now that they’ve taken to painting WWII Wehrmacht crosses on their vehicles as recognition insignia. They are doing that.

Cartooning shall resume from this point onwards. Unless Putin betrays us again.

And Quiet Blows The Nazi

Nothing more ridiculous than literal Hitler saluting, swastika-tattooed, Black Sun and Wolfsangel-badged, Waffen SS pride parading, Bandera worshipping, Ukranazis calling the Russians nazis.

The wording on the Russian soldier’s helmet reads “Death to Nazism.”

The poster with Hitler on it is a genuine WWII nazi poster saying “The (Ukranazi) Waffen SS Galicia Division is coming to you.”

From the Diary of Ukranazi Stepan


I had – once upon a time – painted illustrations for David Rovics’ song Fallujah. Rovics, unfortunately, has fallen off the deep end and not just become a Ukranazi coup regime supporter but incredibly equates the blueyellow nazis with the Palestinian people, which is especially absurd when you remember that the zionist entity supports the blueyellow Ukranazi coup regime. Rovics wrote and posted a song on that ludicrous premise; this poem – written in ten minutes – is my response to that.

From The Diary Of Ukranazi Stepan may or may not become a regular feature. I’ll see.