Then and Now



Admittedly, the last part is still speculation, but the staggering hypocrisy of Western mediaganda is so breathtaking that I have not the slightest doubt that they can turn round a hundred and eighty degrees in a nanosecond. Their “audience”, composed of brain-dead zombies, will in any case accept whatever their television talking heads order them to believe for the day.

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Headhunters versus Backstabbers



It should be fairly obvious that I am not particularly fond of the #Kurds. Apart from the fact that I am automatically against anyone supported by the Imperialist States of #Amerikastan, the Kurds are master betrayers who have always, invariably, ditched their allies of the moment to look for the most temporary of advantages. That’s why nobody, absolutely nobody, who has to actually coexist with them trusts them. It also makes them good puppets for Amerikastan and the #zionist entity in Occupied #Palestine. It’s interesting that Amerikastanis who can’t tell a Kurd from a curd are so eager to support them all of a sudden; you know that can’t happen without a Wall Street military-industrial complex funded media campaign.

On the other side is #Turkey, Amerikastan’s #NATO ally and another thoroughly opportunist entity which has always promoted its own agenda, or to be more precise the agenda of Sultan #Erdogan . One can say with absolute certainty that the terrorist war in #Syria could never have succeeded even temporarily without Turkey, which channeled funds, weapons, training and jihadi recruits to the headchoppers in Syria; the plane from Ankara to Reyhanli was even known as the #jihad express because most of its passengers were on the way to join one headchopper gang or other in Syria.

That these two criminal gangs are now at each other’s throats is a very satisfactory development. In their coming war against each other, I wish them both absolute and total victory!

Colin And Rose



Here’s a single panel of Colin and Rose. You can download it  and print it as a poster, add dialogue and turn it into a meme or a greeting card, or anything else you want. You’re welcome.


Work and other problems are keeping me from writing and cartooning at the moment, but I’ll try and get back into the groove soon.