Jihadi Colin is now on Twitter!

You can follow him here (@JihadiColin – what the hell else were you imagining he’d call himself?  SMH.)

Actually, I must say I’ve grown extraordinarily fond of Jihadi Colin, whom I initially meant as a throwaway character good for a gag or two. He’s also managed the leap to fiction, as I’ve written a novella featuring him and Rose. He’s one of only a tiny handful of characters I’ve created who have achieved virtually independent existence, reducing me to the role of chronicler, not creator.

And that, as any author will tell you, is as it should be.





[I drew this specifically as a f*ck you to the obsequious “liberal editorial cartoonists” on such Obamaganda sites as GoComics. I do hope I manage to infuriate other Obama worshippers as well.]