The Last Days Of Ukranazistan XXVII




Back in February the blueyellow ragwagging Westernaganda claimed “hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were signing up to fight Russia.” What it didn’t say was that they were signing up for the “Territorial Defence” Volkssturm, because that way they could avoid conscription to the regular military and because they were only supposed to “defend” their own home districts, most of which were very far away from any possible fighting. Of course, they were sent to die in the trenches of Donbass anyway.


  1. The official Western narrative is that the Ukraine are winning, they have killed more than 25,000 of the Russian invaders, wounded many more, and many more are deserting. Russia, still trying desperately not to be evicted from the Ukraine, are sending in young boys and 60 year old men. The Ukraine have the most advanced weapons in the world (from the US, which has the world’s most advanced ‘defence’ industry), while Russian weapons are outmoded and inept, and (according to the New York Times) the great Ukrainian successes (in all the Western media except for Tucker Carlson) are a huge selling point for the US ‘defence’ industry.
    Facts on the ground do not correspond to the official Western narrative, but Ms Lipp got sentenced, in absentia, to 3 years in gaol for not parrotting the official narrative, and if she ever goes back to Germany she’ll have to serve that sentence. The Western leadership have a strong aversion to TRVTH. Ms Lipp got off easy. Assange is facing 175 years for telling the TRVTH.

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