Raghead Special: Greetings Card

You know how all the comics characters ultimately move to merchandising? From Garfield to Dennis the Menace to Spiderman, they all seem to end up as toys or greetings cards or on stupid online memes.


Well, who am I to buck the trend? Only, I am not going to literally buck it, because Raghead won’t like it if I make any money out of him. Raghead isn’t about money.



So, in three splendiferous versions, here is your free downloadable Raghead All-Purpose Greetings Card/Meme Background Picture. All you need to do is download and add a caption of your choice.


First, here’s the Black and White Woodcut Version:






And here we have Raghead in (some) Colour:





Or, in greys, if that is to your taste:





I hope your victims readers are happy to be greeted by him. It’s an honour rare and deep.


As long as he doesn’t shoot them, that is.