Happy New Year!


I’ve sometimes been accused of being too pessimistic in my outlook (yes, there are people who think I’m too pessimistic!!!!!)

Well, here’s a nice cheery prediction for the New Year. And, yes, I do think the Amerikastani Empire’s final disintegration will begin in 2019.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving imperialist entity.



The Smoking Gun

I don’t usually draw cartoons to ideas that aren’t mine, but this is an exception. It’s based on a joke posted by my friend Marcel Sardo. Absolutely typical dry Russian humour, the kind I love; when I read it I knew I couldn’t let this go uncommemorated.


So here you are:



Two Russian Tank men sit on their Tank parked in the remains of the smouldering Champs Elysees, having a cigarette break, while looking at what is left of Paris. Says the one Tank man to the other: “However, we lost the information war.“


Marcel, this is for you.