Das Boot(ed) Out

The Brutish Royal Navy sent a destroyer, ironically called HMS Defender, into Russian territorial waters off Crimea in a deliberately provocative move. Russia finally stopped showing “restraint”; a Russian Coast Guard gunboat fired warning shots, and then a Sukhoi 24 strike aircraft dropped two bombs into the sea, whereupon the Brutish turned tail and ran for their lives.

Despite the fact that a Brutish Bulldung Craporation “reporter” and another from the Daily Mail were on the ship – by an amazing and total coincidence, of course – and reported that the Brutal Navy crew had loaded weapons before entering Russian territorial waters, and that Russia had indeed fired warning shots, the Boorish Johnson regime farcically denied any such thing even happened. Then the Russians not just released the video of the incident, but warned that next time Brutain tried this sort of thing Russia would drop its bombs on target.

Brutannia, now a colony of the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, would never have dared try something like this without its master’s orders; it’s past time someone asked the Brutish people if they’re willing to be turned into radioactive slag for the greater profits of the capitalist vermin in Wall Street.

I’m still writing my novel, but Afghanistan cartoons will be coming up soon.

Brought Down To Earth.

Anyone who doesn’t know what this is about can check this article, or this.

As I said elsewhere,

“The RT Chief Editor Margarita Simonyan posted on Telegram that she envied Belarus.”

Unlike Putin with his endless and counterproductive “restraint”, Aleksandr Lukashenko (or Alyaksandr Lukashenka if you prefer the Belarusian language version of his name) is a proactive leader, much more in the style of Iranian leaders than Putin. He takes the initiative instead of reacting belatedly to provocation from enemies and just doing enough to create some kind of status quo (let alone a status quo ante). Also unlike Putin he is not owned either by zionists or oligarchs; Belarus still has its Soviet era socialist economy and successfully recovered from the murder of the USSR even before Russia did. If Russia and Belarus ever merge into the Union State, he would be a far better choice as president of the new superstate than Putin. Incidentally, I always see Putin cultists like the Faker (Andrei “I don’t allow criticism of my divine writ” Raevsky) suggesting that Lukashenko be quietly forced into retirement. One wonders why, assuming their claim that he’s no longer relevant is to be taken seriously.

Despite all the smiles at Sochi, it’s common knowledge that Putin and Lukashenko detest each other. Putin’s oligarchs are quite as eager to buy up Belarus’ economy at scrap prices as the Amerikastani/EU corporate criminals. That’s one great reason why Belarus isn’t eager to sign the merger, and if Putin can do anything to make it happen, he will.

Meanwhile, Roman Protasevich must be a brainless idiot. Not only did the little Nazi wannabe pose in Azov regalia on camera and post the photos online, he didn’t even delete incriminating information from his devices once he knew the plane was headed to Minsk and he was going to be captured. (This actually suggests that he didn’t, despite his supporters’ later claim that the diversion was to capture him, think it was about him at all.)

Incidentally, it’s interesting how professional anti Russian/Chinese/Iranian/Syrian warmonger propagandist
Jihadi Julian Röpcke of Bild has quietly changed his stance on Azov Battalion. In 2015 he was calling them “heroes” and boasting of “dancing under Azov’s flag for five days” in the “liberal scene in Kyiv(sic)”. These days he’s foaming at the mouth over Protasevich’s capture, but is absolutely and totally silent about the little Nazi’s Azov links. One would think that such a hero’s membership of a heroic liberal outfit would be applauded by Jihadi Julian.

Or is Azov, whose Nazi credentials are no longer denied by anyone, suddenly no longer “heroic” or “liberal ” anymore?


By the way, isn’t it strange how often Ryanair keeps getting bomb threats? You’d almost think its competitors are trying to sabotage it.

I’m busy writing my next book so cartooning time is a bit scarce at the moment.

The Zion Dome

Caitlin Johnstone, who was gracious enough to follow me back when I was still persona grata on Twitter, has written a great article on what’s going on in Occupied Palestine at the moment. I disagree only on one thing with her: Johnstone thinks the total failure of zionazi perception management is due to a mixture of incompetence and the ubiquity of mobile phone cameras. I think that the truth is that the zios simply don’t care any longer. With the likes of the Jordanian toad, the Egyptian genocidaire, and the Saudi Barbarian headchopper on their side, not to speak of the automatic support of any and all regimes in the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, they simply believe that they don’t need to pretend to be anything but racist fascist apartheid colonists any longer.

Vanessa Beeley, who also was kind enough to follow me on Twitter when I was still tolerated there, has posted a tweet asking how the vaunted zionazi Iron Dome missile defence is doing against HAMAS’ glorified fireworks, er, Qassam rockets. The answer? Not. Very. Well.

So what will the zios do next? Invade Gaza? With HAMAS and the other Gaza resistance groups like Islamic Jihad and the PFLP primed and ready for close quarter urban combat, that should go brilliantly!

Victory Day, 9th May

It’s seldom to never that I post one of my paintings here, instead of my cartoons, but it seemed to be necessary this time. Nazism is more than obviously staging a revival, owing to the machinations of the same people who wanted to use it the last time as a weapon against the USSR. That time it was German Nazis, this time it’s Ukranazis and jihadi headchoppers, whose ideas differ little from those of Nazis. It seems that certain people need to be reminded of what happened last time that they attacked the USSR. Russia, unfortunately, isn’t the USSR, but it will happen to them, and to their overlords, again.

You can call our Red Army soldier Vanya. He’s the grandfather of our Donetsk People’s Army soldier Kolya from a couple of posts ago.

This is probably the first time I have ever painted on metal. Went better than expected, but I don’t know if it’ll last. Let’s see!

Title: Victory Day

Material: Acrylic and varnish on iron.

There Are No Nazis In Ukraine

On 28 April 2021, there was a parade in Kiev* organised by the Ukranazis, primarily the Pravii Sektor and Svoboda gangs, in honour of the founding of the WWII Ukrainian Nazi collaborationist Waffen SS Galizien Division. This parade, escorted by police, was joined by multiple Ukranazi gangs including C 14 and Aidar. Even the so called ambassador to Ukranazistan from the zionist entity protested about it, but the silence from the Westernaganda was and is deafening. I have used Jihadi Julian Röpcke as a stand in for all the Westernaganda here, because it’s convenient, but he is, for obvious reasons, absolutely not alone.

*I keep seeing Ukranazi fanthings insist it’s “Kyiv”, not Kiev. These same fancreatures however always refer to the country as “Ukraine”, not “Ukraïna”. You can’t have it both ways.

Bloodbath On The Bourses




I didn’t actually notice, until a comment on unz.com tipped me off, that down in the small print of the Faker’s Junkyard he says he’s a limited liability company, Saker Analytics LLC. A lot of his choices make sense now.

It would be interesting to see who the other stockholders are.


Andrew Korybko, who once interviewed me for his podcast, has started a discussion on the Faker here. It’s worth a read.

Not Quiet On The Western Front




One of the things that angers me most is the fact that the current Ukraine/Donbass crisis, which is almost certain to sooner or later cause an all out war between Russia and a de facto NATOstani Ukranzistan, could have been avoided with extreme ease. Not one, but two opportunities were squandered in the space of a few months in 2014-15. First, the Putin regime failed completely to actually intervene in Ukraine after the Maidan Nazi coup to reinstall the legitimate president, Viktor Yanukovych, though he had fled to Russia and asked for help. Then, in 2015, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics had annihilated the Ukranazis in succession at the battles of Ilovaisk, Donetsk Airport, and Debaltsevo. The Ukranazis had collapsed completely, and were streaming back in rout. Even the Westernaganda had admitted that at least the port of Mariupol would inevitably fall to the Novorossiyans; the Novorossiyans themselves had plans to go much further, all the way to the Dnieper River if possible. Instead, the Putin regime stopped them from taking Mariupol or even Slovyansk, which had been heroically defended by a rearguard in a suicide mission earlier in the year to let the Donbass armies withdraw to Donetsk and Lugansk cities. Today Amerikastan and the Brutish openly arm and train Ukranazis at Mariupol, Ukranazistan is being made into a de facto if not de jure NATO member, and the war that would have gone like a breeze for the Donbass armies in 2015 becomes more and more difficult and costly with every month that passes. And Andrei Raevsky and his acolytes and sycophants are always eager to explain it away.

Those who have read Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet On The Western Front will recognise my allusion to the scene where Paul Bäumer, on leave from the trenches, is lectured to by his father’s friends on how he should be fighting the war. People very, very far from danger are always happy to tell those who face it what they should be doing.