From the Diary of Ukranazi Stepan


I had – once upon a time – painted illustrations for David Rovics’ song Fallujah. Rovics, unfortunately, has fallen off the deep end and not just become a Ukranazi coup regime supporter but incredibly equates the blueyellow nazis with the Palestinian people, which is especially absurd when you remember that the zionist entity supports the blueyellow Ukranazi coup regime. Rovics wrote and posted a song on that ludicrous premise; this poem – written in ten minutes – is my response to that.

From The Diary Of Ukranazi Stepan may or may not become a regular feature. I’ll see.


  1. They can’t possibly be Nazis,
    Their US-picked figurehead’s a Jew.
    And the US said they can’t kill him
    And you can be sure that they knew
    They have to do what the US says
    Or they’ll be taken down a few.
    The Jew spoke Russian,
    Now every word
    Comes from Langley
    (as you might have heard).
    It comes in English,
    gets into Ukrainian turned,
    And the Jew has to read it,
    Even if Ukrainian he never learned.
    So he probably does not know
    Just what it is he is saying,
    Like another figurehead president
    Whose speeches are laying
    The Rules for the World
    (Rules that might be decaying).

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