1. The actual Nazis were determined to exterminate all the Jews and Roma worldwide, and to reduce the Slavic population by more than 50% to make lebensraum for the Aryans. They killed about 6 million Jews, or about 55% of all the Jews in Europe, and about 27 million Slavs, a much smaller percentage of all the Slavs in the USSR.
    For the West, who don’t like Slavs, a Nazi is someone who wants to kill all the Jews worldwide. For the East, a Nazi is someone who wants to kill most of the Slavs.
    Zelenski is a Jew, making him a fervent anti-Nazi under the Western definition, but he has lost his professed objections to killing Slavs since the US engineered his win (having a Jewish president is perfect propaganda for US) and told him that he’d earn about $100 million a year if he did what his US boss told him to do, or he’d be killed by a Nazi if he didn’t. And Zelensky said, ‘Ja, Wohl!’
    But, while the group surrounding him (and forced by the US to refrain from killing him) is very fond of swastikas and Wolfsngels, I’m pretty sure Zelensky himself is not fond of swastikas (not sure about the wolfsangel).

    1. He’s a dead man walking. Just like the POW Nazis who outlived their usefulness were bombed by NATO, so too will Elensky’s time come. Now would be good for me. I’m sick of seeing his gay piano slapping ass in a green shirt made into a demi god by USA. When did he acquire a wife? LMAO

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