The Last Days Of Ukranazistan XXXII




The Ukranazis did score a spectacular own goal with the Bucha massacre. Now Russia – even if it wants to – can’t afford to withdraw and leave civilians to the tender mercies of the nazis again.

Well, that wraps up this story arc. I wonder what Stepan and Andriy are up to?


  1. In all the Western media, it is ‘proven’ that the Russians murdered all those found in Bucha. I saw BBC/CNN lie that some photographs were proof that the Russians were in control of Bucha when the bodies were in the streets, obviously, misrepresented photos and fake analyses, but many watch and believe every word on CNN/BBC/New York Times & etc.
    But you’re right. Now the Russians know they can never again abandon any city or village that they liberated, or even held very briefly.
    Russia now admit they made some terrible mistakes the first week of the war based on some bad intelligence crafted by the US/Ukraine. They will never repeat those mistakes.

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