1. Russia has finally acceded to the Azov battalion’s demands – evacuated them to a “third country”.. The Donetz People’s Republic.
    Ironically, whilst Russia no longer has the death penalty, the DPR very likely does..
    “Be careful what you wish for!”

  2. The Western media reiterate that a Russian soldier has publicly confessed to multiple war crimes (one sees him confessing on all the Western news media).
    Sadly, Russia have absolutely no knowledge of this soldier.
    Meanwhile, the Germany economy seems to be doomed, so Germany no longer pose a threat to US economic hegemony, so yet another great achievement of the sanctions. The world would be a much worse place if Germany became a stronger economy than the US.
    The entire West has doubled energy prices and greatly increased food prices, but having the rabble starve in freezing homes is a price well worth paying to keep the wolfsangel-wearing peaceful, democratic, anti-Nazi Ukrainians free from Russian domination.
    (The Ukraine have a Jewish president, and the Western definition of a Nazi is only those who murder Jews, not those who kill evil Slavs–Ribbentrop was hanged for agreeing that Germany would ally with the USSR in its attempt to conquer all of Europe, an alliance the US single-handedly stopped in West Europe, according to the US history of WWII.)

  3. I just noticed that all the notes are all either $ or £. You missed the €, which belongs as well. Should be 2 $, 1 £, and 1 €.

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