1. You aren’t reading the official narrative, the only narrative allowed in the US/NATO/EU/UK, that, in 2014, the pro-Democracy Ukrainians finally managed to remove a horrible Russian dictator and put in a Democratic leader, that the14,000 killed in the Donbass between 2014 and 2022 were all killed by the Russian army that invaded the Donbass in 2014, that all the Ukrainians are fighting to maintain their democracy and prevent the evil Putin from re-forming the USSR, then resubjugating the entire Warsaw Pact, followed by the rest of the EU then the UK, and then he’ll try to subjugate North America.
    The fact that none of that is true does not change the fact that it is the only legal narrative anywhere in North America or Europe east of Russia. Saying anything else can get you 175 years in gaol, maybe, or possibly the Epstein treatment, whichever the authorities prefer.

    1. I almost forgot: you must also say the brave Ukrainians are rapidly destroying the entire Russian invasion force, that, with help from the US, they’ve already killed more than 20,000 Russian troops and almost every Russian general, destroyed almost all the Russian tanks and the complete Russian Air Force, and they managed to sink at least two and possibly more Russian naval vessels, and Russia’s complete and utter defeat will happen real soon now.
      And it’s against the law to say anything else.

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