The Last Days Of Ukranazistan XI




Someone who seems to have swallowed the Ukraganda hook, line, and sinker is spamming my posts with insinuations that Ukranazistan is winning and I’m making up what I draw. For the benefit of this person, for this time and this one time only, I am going to post proof.

  1. Ukranazis taping accused “looters” to poles with their pants pulled down, including women and children, and then brutally beating them.

2. Ukranazi “doctor” declaring on Ukranazi television that Russian soldiers were “cockroaches” and it had given its employees orders to castrate wounded Russian prisoners.

3. The Ukranazis are not just using schools and hospitals as hideouts, they have specifically ordered it done in Odessa, as per this leaked document (translated by Gleb Bazov; I have seen the original in Ukrainian as well):

Note that civilians are to be blocked from exiting as well, and if I draw more strips about that (I have already drawn one) I expect no more insinuations.


  1. Tres Bien.
    The official Western Press make it very clear the Russian defence department is totally corrupt, so the Russian tanks do not run, the Russian planes do not fly, and the Russian troops are all deserting. The corrupt Russian military cannot stand up to the patriotic, dedicated, incorruptible Ukrainian military who are more than a match for the Russians. One finds this endlessly reiterated in all the US/UK/EU/NATO/Japanese/South Korean/Taiwan news sources, clearly meaning that, with so much repetition from multiple, independent sources, one must be reading…
    US force-fed propaganda.
    No videos, just a man standing in Lviv telling us this is all TRVE and verified, and one can see confirmation (probably from Lviv) on all the other channels that are not blocked if one is still not convinced.
    Meanwhile, on the front lines, one can see Russian reporters with video cameras showing what is really happening.

  2. The existence of groups committing these vigilante crimes doesn’t mean the Russian defense department is not corrupt. The ICC should investigate war crimes on all sides.

    I’d say the videos of all the mass graves and bodies in Bucha and Mariopul are as valid as the videos and photos of the vigilante attacks. If the people presenting these videos said, “Here’s the evidence. I expect no more insinuations” people would object to the closing of inquiry.

    The article mentions “paramilitary groups” responsible. It doesn’t identify the groups or make a connection to the Ukrainian army. And it’s not clear how widespread these attacks are, enough to say there’s “widespread rioting” in Kyiv? And you posted the same link twice; you don’t have a link for the castration order, or the leaked document for the matter.

    Thinking about why people would tie people up to trees and torture them, I think back to the quote, “I find myself much more able and willing to depict lethal violence” and wonder if those perpetrators were a at that state heading to willingness to commit lethal violence without regret.

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