Das Boot(ed) Out

A few weeks ago an Amerikastani Seawolf class nuclear submarine had an “accident” in the South China Sea.

The ludicrous Amerikastani Navy “explanation” as of yesterday is that the sub “hit an undersea mountain” due to “old maps.” Can anyone believe this? Either the Amerikastani Navy is too incompetent to provide its own sailors up to date navigation information and said crew, in peacetime when they’re not being hunted, in international waters, did not use active sonar to ‘see’ where they were going, which bivalves sending out sound impulses like a bat or dolphin and navigating by the echoes. This, by the way, being the crew of the Amerikastani Empire’s arguably only remaining truly world class military arm, its submarine fleet. Or something else happened which is deliberately being concealed, the most likely being that it was not where it was officially stated to be, but in Chinese territorial waters, where it didn’t have proper knowledge of the undersea topography and didn’t dare turn on its active sonar because that would give its position away. And as for what it hit, your guess is as good as mine.Of course, there is the possibility that the Amerikastani Empire is telling the truth, and that its sub crew really is that incompetent. The implications of that are probably more frightening than anything else.

Meanwhile Petrov and Boshirov are the two Russian men accused by Amerikastan’s NATO vassals Brutain and Czechistan of poisoning the Skripals with Novichok and blowing up an ammunition dump in 2014. When Bidet is removed from power they’ll probably be blamed for that too.

Because of software problems I’m compelled to post this one in monochrome. Sorry about that.


  1. Nice to see, das Boot is still on it’s way in your mind!
    I’m not much in the social networks anymore.
    Regards from Germany – Ulla

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