1. I left this on an earlier episode in this series but have not yet seen an answer:
    Back in ’99, I read a ‘report’ by someone who claimed to be a woman who had spent almost a year in Afghanistan under the Taliban, and wrote that they would never let a girl attend school, nor would they allow any female to receive any healthcare. All females must stay in their father’s or husband’s purdah and never go out, and no one except their husband, father, brother, or son could ever enter their purdah, so unless their father, husband, or brother was a physician, they had no access to any healthcare.
    I now suspect that ‘woman’ might have been a man who could not find Afghanistan on a map, but I also know that the 2001 Taliban destroyed some historical Buddhas that were more than 1,400 years old, and these are the kinds of fanatics that might have banned girls from attending school and women from accessing healthcare.
    Of course, Ted Rall went to Afghanistan twice, and he said the group the West called the Taliban his second trip were completely different from the Taliban he inquired about in 2001.
    I know the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan never calls itself the Taliban and says girls must attend school and all females have full access to healthcare.
    Since you seem to have much more knowledge of Afghanistan that I do, I would greatly appreciate some information on what the Taliban were like in 2001, what relation do the Islamic Emirate have to the 2001 Taliban, and what were the actual policies of the Taliban in 2001 and how do they compare with the actual policies of the Islamic Emirate in 2021.

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