Left On Afghanistan’s Plains Part III




This is why I call the so called government imposed by Amerikastan on Afghanistan the puppet child sex slaver Quisling warlord regime. Their habit of abducting children to use as sex slaves is called bacha bazi (literally “child practice”), by the way. Eliminating bacha bazi was one of the reasons the original Taliban were created in 1994, and which Amerikastan’s pet warlords brought right back when Bush put them into power again.

From an article by an Irish soldier who served in Afghanistan:

“…most of the people with whom I dealt…are not particularly for example interested that what they see as a miniscule minority of women in Kabul or the other cities may no longer go to university. They are very interested in their daughter getting through adolesence without being raped by some western-supported warlord’s levies.”

This is one of the reasons why the Taliban are winning today.


  1. Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding canards and restrictions in liberated regions

    Canards are being published by media and from regions that the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are imposing restrictions or even a complete ban on media, people and women in the newly liberated areas.

    We reject such propaganda. The liberated areas are populated by members of this exact (Afghan) believing and Muslim nation, all of whom live within the framework of Islam and are not in need of imposition of restrictions or prohibitions from certain things.

    All schools and educational institutes are fully open, the media is allowed to operate in a free and neutral manner within Islamic injunctions, clinics and health centers are able to work without any constraints, and NGOs along with other independent organizations are also able to operate freely.

    Civil servants, journalists and workers of various service providers can also live and perform their duties without any fear or threats.

    Moreover, all national traders, merchants, investors and businessmen across the country are being assured that they and their goods will be protected and none will face any obstructions or problems.

    The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate will cooperate and assist the aforementioned sectors to the best of its abilities and lend support in enhancing and boosting their services.

    Creating fear, conducting propaganda and spreading canards in this regard is the work of enemy circles. Media and influential individuals must not fall victim to such rumors or be alarmed.

    Zabihullah Mujahid

    Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

    24/11/1442 Hijri Lunar

    13/04/1400 Hijri Solar 04/07/2021 Gregorian


    1. When I was a boy, I could watch Cronkite or Huntley and Brinkley. That was it. The Soviets broadcast in English on short-wave, but I didn’t know anyone who had a short-wave that my parents would let me visit.
      Today, I can get the Russian answer to the Western media. Also, the PRC and Islamic Republic of Iran answers. Trying to find the DPRK response, the first hit by Google is a fake DPRK site that repeats the Western media statements that I have no reason to believe. I think I found the real site, but it is sparsely populated: it appears that the DPRK has limited resources to put into an English language site responding to the Western media.
      I really appreciate getting the official Taliban website, though it does not say much, so thanks, carinaragno.
      Ted Rall went into Afghanistan right after the US invasion and asked about the Taliban. He went back 10 years later, and said the new and improved Taliban were not the same people as the pre-invasion Taliban, and had completely different goals.
      So it is credible that the new Taliban intend to allow women to attend schools and have full access to healthcare.

      1. Most welcome 🙂 If you browse through their statements etc. there is quite a bit of information they publish on the English site. I try to publish the most pertinent ones on my piazza blog. I have trouble at times connecting to the English site, someone is trying to redirect and deny access. I’m glad you had no trouble connecting.

      2. Back in 2000, I read an article that said it was by a woman who had spent the better part of a year in Afghanistan under the Taliban. Girls were prohibited from going to school. Healthcare was prohibited for all females. Basically, the Taliban (according to the article) said all females must stay in purdah. They could never travel to see a physician. No male physician could go into purdah unless the patient was his wife, mother, sister, or daughter. No female physician could leave her father’s or her husband’s purdah to go see female patients. So females who did not have a physician as a father, son, or brother could never see a physician or receive any healthcare.
        Today, I know there is a good chance that article was written by a man who could not find Afghanistan on a map. But it is also possible it described life under the Taliban, since they were extreme enough to destroy some ancient statues as unIslamic.
        It occurs to my tiny brain that Bill seems to have some excellent information about what life is really like for females living under the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Do girls go to school? Can a female receive healthcare?
        The fact that the Western media always lie does not prove that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan tell the truth, and I would love to hear what Bill has to say about what life is like for women in the Islamic Emirate.

      3. I met an Afghan woman circa 2005 who claimed that she had to educate girls in secret in her house and was under threat of the Taliban. I know today that this was a lie because the Taliban never banned private girls’ education. I also came across an Afghan man in Delhi about ten years later who told me that compared to the puppet child sex slaver Quisling warlord regime the Talibsn, won he had once thought devil’s, were angels. And it was Hamid Karzai – the Amerikastani imposed puppet – who made a law permitting men to starve their wives if denied sex, not the Taliban.

        James Fergusson in “Taliban ” makes the point that the famous picture of a woman being executed by the Taliban in a football field was an exception. The Taliban actually tried to broker blood money payments to the victims’ families instead of executing killers. (And the same photo was used by some French rag claiming it was in Iran!)

        In any case the Taliban of 2021 has next to nothing in common with the Taliban of 2001, so at best we can only say what they were like, not what they will do in power again.

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