Das Boot(ed) Out

The Brutish Royal Navy sent a destroyer, ironically called HMS Defender, into Russian territorial waters off Crimea in a deliberately provocative move. Russia finally stopped showing “restraint”; a Russian Coast Guard gunboat fired warning shots, and then a Sukhoi 24 strike aircraft dropped two bombs into the sea, whereupon the Brutish turned tail and ran for their lives.

Despite the fact that a Brutish Bulldung Craporation “reporter” and another from the Daily Mail were on the ship – by an amazing and total coincidence, of course – and reported that the Brutal Navy crew had loaded weapons before entering Russian territorial waters, and that Russia had indeed fired warning shots, the Boorish Johnson regime farcically denied any such thing even happened. Then the Russians not just released the video of the incident, but warned that next time Brutain tried this sort of thing Russia would drop its bombs on target.

Brutannia, now a colony of the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, would never have dared try something like this without its master’s orders; it’s past time someone asked the Brutish people if they’re willing to be turned into radioactive slag for the greater profits of the capitalist vermin in Wall Street.

I’m still writing my novel, but Afghanistan cartoons will be coming up soon.


  1. The evil Russians say HMS Defender was misnamed, the real name is HMS Provocateur.
    Patrick Cockburn said Johnson had misread Roosevelt as, ‘Talk loudly and carry a small stick.’
    The ship was harassed while in International Waters.
    The ship was harassed while in Ukrainian territorial waters. Obviously, since the Brits said both at the same time, both are simultaneously true.
    And, since the Brits said the Russians neither fired a warning shot nor dropped a bomb, the evil Russians released a video showing both. How evil can they get???

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