Brought Down To Earth.

Anyone who doesn’t know what this is about can check this article, or this.

As I said elsewhere,

“The RT Chief Editor Margarita Simonyan posted on Telegram that she envied Belarus.”

Unlike Putin with his endless and counterproductive “restraint”, Aleksandr Lukashenko (or Alyaksandr Lukashenka if you prefer the Belarusian language version of his name) is a proactive leader, much more in the style of Iranian leaders than Putin. He takes the initiative instead of reacting belatedly to provocation from enemies and just doing enough to create some kind of status quo (let alone a status quo ante). Also unlike Putin he is not owned either by zionists or oligarchs; Belarus still has its Soviet era socialist economy and successfully recovered from the murder of the USSR even before Russia did. If Russia and Belarus ever merge into the Union State, he would be a far better choice as president of the new superstate than Putin. Incidentally, I always see Putin cultists like the Faker (Andrei “I don’t allow criticism of my divine writ” Raevsky) suggesting that Lukashenko be quietly forced into retirement. One wonders why, assuming their claim that he’s no longer relevant is to be taken seriously.

Despite all the smiles at Sochi, it’s common knowledge that Putin and Lukashenko detest each other. Putin’s oligarchs are quite as eager to buy up Belarus’ economy at scrap prices as the Amerikastani/EU corporate criminals. That’s one great reason why Belarus isn’t eager to sign the merger, and if Putin can do anything to make it happen, he will.

Meanwhile, Roman Protasevich must be a brainless idiot. Not only did the little Nazi wannabe pose in Azov regalia on camera and post the photos online, he didn’t even delete incriminating information from his devices once he knew the plane was headed to Minsk and he was going to be captured. (This actually suggests that he didn’t, despite his supporters’ later claim that the diversion was to capture him, think it was about him at all.)

Incidentally, it’s interesting how professional anti Russian/Chinese/Iranian/Syrian warmonger propagandist
Jihadi Julian Röpcke of Bild has quietly changed his stance on Azov Battalion. In 2015 he was calling them “heroes” and boasting of “dancing under Azov’s flag for five days” in the “liberal scene in Kyiv(sic)”. These days he’s foaming at the mouth over Protasevich’s capture, but is absolutely and totally silent about the little Nazi’s Azov links. One would think that such a hero’s membership of a heroic liberal outfit would be applauded by Jihadi Julian.

Or is Azov, whose Nazi credentials are no longer denied by anyone, suddenly no longer “heroic” or “liberal ” anymore?


By the way, isn’t it strange how often Ryanair keeps getting bomb threats? You’d almost think its competitors are trying to sabotage it.

I’m busy writing my next book so cartooning time is a bit scarce at the moment.


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