The Zion Dome

Caitlin Johnstone, who was gracious enough to follow me back when I was still persona grata on Twitter, has written a great article on what’s going on in Occupied Palestine at the moment. I disagree only on one thing with her: Johnstone thinks the total failure of zionazi perception management is due to a mixture of incompetence and the ubiquity of mobile phone cameras. I think that the truth is that the zios simply don’t care any longer. With the likes of the Jordanian toad, the Egyptian genocidaire, and the Saudi Barbarian headchopper on their side, not to speak of the automatic support of any and all regimes in the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, they simply believe that they don’t need to pretend to be anything but racist fascist apartheid colonists any longer.

Vanessa Beeley, who also was kind enough to follow me on Twitter when I was still tolerated there, has posted a tweet asking how the vaunted zionazi Iron Dome missile defence is doing against HAMAS’ glorified fireworks, er, Qassam rockets. The answer? Not. Very. Well.

So what will the zios do next? Invade Gaza? With HAMAS and the other Gaza resistance groups like Islamic Jihad and the PFLP primed and ready for close quarter urban combat, that should go brilliantly!


    1. The zios weren’t the ones who suffered under the Nazis, those were Orthodox Jews, who were and are anti Zionist and who were the majority of Jews then. The zios actually went around the capitals of pre WWI Europe asking Kings and politicians to oppress their Jews so that they would be compelled to emigrate to Theodor Herzl’s planned “Jewstate” (Judenstaat). The zios were and are anti Judaic fascists interested only in power.

      1. The British Empire needed young men to go as Imperial Officers and Other ranks, and tried to persuade them. The Rev Keith said the UK Jews should go colonise Palestine. Then Sykes and Picot divvied up the Ottoman Empire, and Balfour said Palestine was for UK Jews and any German Jews who would betray the Kaiser. No German Jews took Balfour up on his generous offer, but a certain Chancellor, elected in ’33, used Balfour’s offer to say all Jews were traitors to Germany. The Chancellor wanted to send all the Jew to Palestine or Madagascar, but the UK Navy said, ‘NO!’ and set up a Naval Blockade that made it impossible for Germany to deport the Jews. Many Jews tried to flee, but were rejected (read about the St Louis that sailed many Jews around in a large circle, ending up back in Europe within reach of Germany). The Chancellor eventually put many of the Jews in Europe in Concentration Camps.
        After liberation, those Concentration Camps became Refugee Camps (the Europeans did not want those Jews going back to their own homes that had been given to European gentiles). So Truman ordered all the Jews in those Refugee Camps shipped to Palestine, 2 million of them, whether they wanted to go or not.
        Those Jews were given weapons by France and the US so they could evict the Philistines from their Promised Land (promised to them by Keith, Sykes, Picot, Balfour, and Truman).
        After Truman sent all those Jews to Palestine, Jews were condemned in most Middle Eastern Islamic states and forced to flee, and the only place that would take them was Palestine.
        I blame just about everyone except the Jews and the Philistines, who were given no choice in the matter.

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