Victory Day, 9th May

It’s seldom to never that I post one of my paintings here, instead of my cartoons, but it seemed to be necessary this time. Nazism is more than obviously staging a revival, owing to the machinations of the same people who wanted to use it the last time as a weapon against the USSR. That time it was German Nazis, this time it’s Ukranazis and jihadi headchoppers, whose ideas differ little from those of Nazis. It seems that certain people need to be reminded of what happened last time that they attacked the USSR. Russia, unfortunately, isn’t the USSR, but it will happen to them, and to their overlords, again.

You can call our Red Army soldier Vanya. He’s the grandfather of our Donetsk People’s Army soldier Kolya from a couple of posts ago.

This is probably the first time I have ever painted on metal. Went better than expected, but I don’t know if it’ll last. Let’s see!

Title: Victory Day

Material: Acrylic and varnish on iron.


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