There Are No Nazis In Ukraine

On 28 April 2021, there was a parade in Kiev* organised by the Ukranazis, primarily the Pravii Sektor and Svoboda gangs, in honour of the founding of the WWII Ukrainian Nazi collaborationist Waffen SS Galizien Division. This parade, escorted by police, was joined by multiple Ukranazi gangs including C 14 and Aidar. Even the so called ambassador to Ukranazistan from the zionist entity protested about it, but the silence from the Westernaganda was and is deafening. I have used Jihadi Julian Röpcke as a stand in for all the Westernaganda here, because it’s convenient, but he is, for obvious reasons, absolutely not alone.

*I keep seeing Ukranazi fanthings insist it’s “Kyiv”, not Kiev. These same fancreatures however always refer to the country as “Ukraine”, not “Ukraïna”. You can’t have it both ways.

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