Bloodbath On The Bourses




I didn’t actually notice, until a comment on tipped me off, that down in the small print of the Faker’s Junkyard he says he’s a limited liability company, Saker Analytics LLC. A lot of his choices make sense now.

It would be interesting to see who the other stockholders are.


Andrew Korybko, who once interviewed me for his podcast, has started a discussion on the Faker here. It’s worth a read.


  1. I appreciate the link to Korybko, but I refuse to use Facebook.

    We are all wondering where are Putin’s ‘Red Lines’? So far, the Western Ukrainians are shelling the Eastern, Russian-speaking Ukrainians, and Putin, other than ‘exercises’ near the Ukraine, is not responding.

    The West wants the Ukraine in NATO, Xinjiang renamed Turkestan, an independent nation with a suitable, non-ethnic Chinese, Muslim ruler, an independent Hong Kong and Taiwan. The West is unlikely to get its wishes.

    The question is, how much will the rest of us pay for the West’s wishes???

  2. Eh I think you guys are ignoring the fact “undermining democracy” is now a crime as per Paul Craig Roberts. I don’t think anyone told saker to stop. I think he realizes he even the LLC doesn’t protect him as he is not a US citizen. Though I do agree he seems too hopeful on Russian affairs sometimes.

    Everyone should open a limited liability corporation. Maybe in india it doesn’t matter but in US, Canada its a good way to protect yourself by claimimg the things you say are just entertainment or something along those lines (like Alex Jones did jn court during his divorce).

  3. Well regardless excellent comic sir. And thanks for not banning my comments… Unlike saker HA! He has changed from 2015…. I think selling 5 books has made him more hesitant to put his skin in the game anymore. Which sucks but such is human nature.

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