Kolya Gets A Call




Andrei Raevsky is a Swiss of half Dutch, half White Russian emigre parentage, who lives in the Imperialist States of Amerikastan. He calls himself the Saker and runs a website called the Vineyard Of The Saker. There he poses as the ultimate authority on Russia and Ukraine, and bans all criticism of his opinions, ably aided and abetted by a team of grovelling sycophants with usernames like “Katherine” and “Larchmonter445”. In the next strip or three we’ll discuss his shortcomings.


  1. Didn’t know about his site, but don’t think I’ll waste my time. I’ve been following Raghead and Bill for awhile, and started antiwar and Piazza, and that’s about enough. (I waste most of my time on comicskingdom where I can still comment. I don’t think they shadow ban.)
    Actually, Grayzone is quite good, I check them from time to time. Have to read about the Concentration Camps and genocide in Xinjiang, of course.

  2. Andrei Raevsky lives in Florida where he works as the manager of his wife movable veterinary practice, he says he couldn’t get a job in his home country as he was blacklisted, or maybe he was not fit fot the job, who knows the truth?

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