Dancing Under the Swastika




The swastika and Totenkopf (Death’s Head) sporting Azov Battalion, whose flag bears the Nazi era Wolfsangel emblem of the collaborationist Ukrainian SS, is so toxic that even the Barack Hussein Obama regime distanced itself from it. Really , Jihadi Julian inadvertently mocks himself so thoroughly I don’t even have to try.


  1. Hi Raghead,

    your German seems ok, but “Torfköppen” … first, it looked like the name of a small village in northern Germany,
    where Mr. Röpcke might think to be popular. Googling “Torfköppen”, however, found no place with that name.
    Instead, “Torfköppe” seems to be a part of the Germ populace: “Torf” is “peat” (a black, muddy type of soil),
    and “Köppe” = northerngerm (“platt”), plural of Kopp – head. So, “Torfköppe” “Mud heads”, football fans
    from the (northern) West of FRG, in the countryside retarded people.

    I have not been aware of Mr. Röpcke and his literary work so far, and therefore tried to find out more,
    but did not find much. Google offered his biography, but then did not have it etc. He is one of the
    main persons not at “Bild” (the (in)famous tabloid), but of Bild Online, Bild’s Internet Version.

    Best wishes

  2. In the 18th century, the Austrian Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Russian Empire agreed to divide the independent bits of Eastern Europe among themselves. The predominantly Germanic bits were split between the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire, while the mostly Slavic bits went to the Russian Empire. Of course, those predominantly Slavic bits still had a large minority of Germanics, plus the language and religion of the Slavs were not Russian, so they all wanted to break away. In 1917, the Western Ukraine welcomed the Wehrmacht and became a German Protectorate. In in 1918, the Allies made it part of an independent Poland. In WWII, Stalin took back everything the Germans and Allies took from the Russian Empire and added it to the USSR, plus bits of what had been the Austrian Empire. None of those annexed by Stalin were happy about it. The Eastern Ukraine, where the dominant language and religion were Russian, was always part of the Russian Empire, but it left with the Western Ukraine after the break-up of the USSR. Khrushchev had transferred the Crimea from Russia to the Ukraine in 1954, and Yeltsin agreed that the Crimea would always be part of the Ukraine. A totally unstable situation that was at its best between WWI and WWII, and is now threatening the world with a nasty war, as NATO wants all of 1990 Ukraine as part of NATO so the liberation of Russia from its current Autocracy* to a Democracy** can proceed from a favourable starting point (something Napoleon and Barbarossa lacked), with the end result being Russia broken into at least a dozen small, unarmed states that can never again threaten world peace.
    What could possibly go wrong?


    *Autocracy – any form of government that does not do exactly as the US tells it to do
    **Democracy – any form of government that always does exactly as the US tells it to do

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