Well, this is invigorating

Jihadi Julian posted my cartoons!!!! Called me a Kremlin troll of course.


Rough translation from my admittedly rusty German:

“I’m the hero of a Kremlin troll comic series on the war in East Ukraine. My fan base in St Petersburg and in the West among Torfköppen (whatever that is) remains numerous.”

He’s so puffed up with self importance he actually thinks the Russian government has nothing better to do than make a comic about him.

You’d think the idiot would at least check the copyright to see the author’s name and nationality. Some other moron opined I got paid 300 rubles for it. Ha, I wish.

Yet another imbecile apparently doesn’t know the difference between “outskirts of Donetsk” and Donetsk. And that was in English, too.

Hey, Jihadi Julian, I have cartoons of you visiting ISIStan as well. You’re welcome to search them out.

Also, Jihadführer Röpcke, you should appreciate how good I made you look. I didn’t even mention your combover!


Biswapriya Purkayastha.

P.S. Thanks for the free publicity, genius.


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