Jihadführer Röpcke, Fact Checker.




As I said elsewhere, the Amerikastani and slave media (including Jihadi Julian) are totally silent about the Ukranazi buildup of troops on the border of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, and the virtual declaration of war on Russia by the so called president of Ukranazistan, Zelensky. The only explanation is that when the Ukranazis invade the Donbass republics and Russia (despite the Putinist regime’s “restraint”, which has long since become counterproductive) strikes back, the same media will scream about an “unprovoked Russian invasion” to maximise the shock value.

For now, until the situation in Ukranazistan is settled, I shall concentrate on Stepan and Andriy. Jihadi Colin will, unfortunately, have to wait.


  1. Anna News has the best up to date sitreps on DPR/Ukraine that I have found. Anyone that listens to Ropcke and western media is happy to be deluded at this point.

    1. All I got from Anna-News was Все новости. There is a button to switch from Russian, but it didn’t work for me, no matter which other language I chose (Italian, German, English, French, or Spanish) all I got was Все новости.
      (Wikipedia says it is a Russian Propaganda site, so stick to CNN. Great how Wikipedia works now.)

      1. I can’t get the language buttons on site to work either. I just have translate set in my browser settings. I can’t read Russian either unless spelled phonetically. LMAO at wikipedia. I’ll do the sitreps daily from now on with things heating up. I can’t promise the best translation but I’ll try.

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