Valentine’s Day

In news that will surprise absolutely no sane person, the corrupt senile war criminal and so called “president” of the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, Joe Biden Bidet, has decided to reverse Donald Twitterführer Trump’s so-called plans, or promises, or half articulated thoughts about withdrawing from Afghanistan and illegally occupied East Syria. The “rationale” for this is that Amerikastan must stay there to “fight ISIS”. Obviously, if Amerikastan has to fight ISIS, there have to be ISIS to fight, and – by a total coincidence, I’m sure – ISIS is suddenly swarming over areas where they had been extirpated from by the Syrian army years ago, and bombing Kabul as well. Absolute and total coincidence, I tell you!

Meanwhile the Bidet regime is also making moves to declare al Qaeda in Syria (which nowadays calls itself Hayyat Tahrir al Sham) not a “terrorist” organisation. This would hardly be a surprise, since it’s already declared al Qaeda affiliate the Turkistan Islamic Party (of Uighur jihadi headchoppers) not terrorists.

As such, both ISIS and al Qaeda must be overflowing with gratitude to Bidet, and since it wouldn’t exactly be decorous for them to send him a Valentine, I did it for them.

(Apologies for the recent lack of writing and cartoons. I have had health problems, and I actually drew this with a strapped up right wrist. I hope Bidet is grateful, or at least “wins” the Nobel Peace Prize. Why not?)


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