Headhunters versus Backstabbers



It should be fairly obvious that I am not particularly fond of the #Kurds. Apart from the fact that I am automatically against anyone supported by the Imperialist States of #Amerikastan, the Kurds are master betrayers who have always, invariably, ditched their allies of the moment to look for the most temporary of advantages. That’s why nobody, absolutely nobody, who has to actually coexist with them trusts them. It also makes them good puppets for Amerikastan and the #zionist entity in Occupied #Palestine. It’s interesting that Amerikastanis who can’t tell a Kurd from a curd are so eager to support them all of a sudden; you know that can’t happen without a Wall Street military-industrial complex funded media campaign.

On the other side is #Turkey, Amerikastan’s #NATO ally and another thoroughly opportunist entity which has always promoted its own agenda, or to be more precise the agenda of Sultan #Erdogan . One can say with absolute certainty that the terrorist war in #Syria could never have succeeded even temporarily without Turkey, which channeled funds, weapons, training and jihadi recruits to the headchoppers in Syria; the plane from Ankara to Reyhanli was even known as the #jihad express because most of its passengers were on the way to join one headchopper gang or other in Syria.

That these two criminal gangs are now at each other’s throats is a very satisfactory development. In their coming war against each other, I wish them both absolute and total victory!


  1. Bill,
    Very nice to see your work again. Long time since your last post of anything.
    Hope you are OK health wise and your dental practice is doing well. Take care of yourself my friend.
    This planet is getting very disturbing and the supposed leaders are getting close to needing confinement in the rubber room wearing straight jackets.

  2. Thank you for your sharp perception, which brings fresh air to the stuffy gasosphere created by US-EU dominated antisocial media. Your cartoons are almost right on.

    almost– yet I need to point out sth that seems a bit amiss. Need to raise a CRUCIAL distinction, as someone from and of Turkey. In the so-called & so-staged CONFLICT btw “Turkey” & “Kurds,” to both of whom you wish absolute victory, you realize that one side of the equation is represented by someone you refer to as Sultan E. & the other side by Kurds. On one side there’s an American apointee one-man-band, on the other, a people who are in full& direct representation of themselves & boosted by America & gang.

    Even without having followed up politics in Turkey since at least Sultan E., and in fact since at least the fat man Turgut Ozal, it’s easy to see that there’s a tremendous representation crisis in Turkey–meaning that the sultan represents a very low ratio of Turks.

    Again even without being an expert on politics in Turkey, we know a coup happened in 2016 which was caused by and resulted in a change of the entire cast in Turkish military. Who was the coup staged by? World-Wide Fethullah Gulen, a Kurdish Sabetayist-evangelist, who traces his movement to Said Kurdi–Kurdish ethnic militant in Islamist garb.

    Finally, even as the defeat which Sultan E. was allowed to suffer (by his puppetteers) in Istanbul & Ankara in recent local elections, we have seen Foreign Min of Turkey as rising star. A Kurdish man born in a village called “Turkler” (ie Turks, you can guess such a village name is very rare in Turkey), he is noteworthy for having Necirvan Barzani as boon companion.

    Zipped conclusion of the zipped summary: When you wish both “Turkey” and Kurds victory, I would join you if Turkey stood for the gov of Turkey and not the soldiers dragged there. There is no easy way to extract the name of one’s nation from masked usurpers.

    I appreciate your word & line, & humbly suggest #MevlutCavusoglu for a figure in your upcoming work. He has an ever-jolly face & it could be prophetic to start drawing him now–the cartoons might soon gain appreciation, economically speaking!

    stay safe from Amerikastan! ciao!

  3. The Ottomans gave the Kurds a villayet Kurdistan, but the Kurds were convinced by the UK and France to betray the Ottomans with the promise of their own, independent country. The Kurds were, of course, much better off under the Ottomans.
    The Syrian Kurds agreed to betray Syria in exchange for the US promise of an independent Kurdistan.
    They say history does not repeat, but it does rhyme, and the Kurds keep picking the wrong allies again and again and again.

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