1. I read 1984 back when it was still coming, and thought the book was a warning not to let it. Silly me. Now we all know 1984 is a guidebook. I also thought Eurasia was the USSR and Eastasia was the PRC. Again, silly me. When the book was written, there was no PRC. Eurasia was the Central Powers of WWI, and Eastasia was Russia/USSR. Airstrip 1 allied with the Ottomans and French against Russia in the 19th century. Then with Russia against the Central Powers during WWI. Then with Germany and the Ottomans against the USSR in the early ’30s. Then with the USSR against Germany during WWII. Then with West Germany against the USSR after WWII. And now Aiirstrip 1 is allied with the Ukrainians and Baltics who were liberated from the USSR by the WaffenSS in WWII, and who completely agree with the WaffenSS about Semites and Russians. Airstrip 1 now figures the WaffenSS have always been the good guys and loyal allies of Airstrip 1, and Russia has always been the enemy, and all the newspaper morgues and history books must be edited by Winston Smith to eliminate any references to the evil enemy Russia ever having been a good ally of Airstrip 1 or the good ally WaffenSS ever having been an enemy. The WaffenSS are and always have been fighters for freedom and democracy!

  2. Just the opinion of an aged combat veteran, but these fake liberals/progressives really piss me off. Why does anybody with even 1/2 of a functioning brain cell follow clowns like your writer in these recent installments? I’d ask the same of those who take their political stance based on what their favorite actor/actress spouts to the media. I really like how you skewer them Bill, keep doing it. Hoist them by their own petards!

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