Red Star Over Syria Part II

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Presented with absolutely no apologies to anybody. If you’re offended , you more than likely deserve it.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015



  1. The bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan; According to the USA, first it was ‘collateral damage’ from bombs dropped ‘in the vicinity’ of the hospital. Then it was Taliban were firing on US Special Forces from the hospital compound. Now, it’s ‘Afghan forces were taking fire and called in the airstrikes’ where several civilians were ‘accidentally struck.’

    And then, the story changes again; According to Defense One “Afghans called in the strike. That’s the long and short of it, according to Gen. John Campbell, top U.S. commander of the Afghanistan war… “The Afghans asked for air support from a Special Forces team that we have on the ground providing train, advise and assist in Kunduz,” he said, while visiting the Pentagon Monday. Campbell said U.S. forces were not fired upon and not simply returning fire. Instead, just one AC-130 gunship pounded the hospital over and over”

    Do you see the deceit in this immediate preceding? The Afghans COULD NOT call in the strike, they have to ask the American Green Berets accompanying them in the battle zone to call in the strike. But because the Afghans now supposedly asked for a strike, the American team calls the strike in and that’s called Afghans called in the strike.


    1. I’ll go read it now. Frankly I am not well today, rapidly coming down with a fever. It was only because I was so damned angry over this that I spent all my free time drawing the strip before it got old news.

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