The Great Big ISIS Movie Extravaganza Part XI

IMG_0001 .IMG_0002 .IMG_0003 .IMG_0004

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015



    1. Back when I was in college we had a function for which a couple of others and I were making posters. One of the pictures we cut out of a magazine ad and stuck on to the poster was a mother and child in which the woman’s bare shoulders were just visible. At once two characters – a Muslim and a Hindu – protested. It was “nudity” and they wouldn’t allow it. Ultimately we had to paint a dress over her shoulders to appease these two idiots.

      Apart from mocking “Titanic” – one of the worst movies ever in my opinion – I wanted to get some shots in at the morons who imagine that a woman has to be draped in veils and tents to destroy her sexual allure.

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